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PGMG provides opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students within and outside the University of Cape Coast to join and learn some awesome molecular research skills and techniques. Therefore students with such interests and needs are welcome to apply!

Nancy Nyame

Nancy Nova Nyame
Research Assistant, NSP

Nancy N Nyame joined the PGMG lab after his undergraduate education at the University of Cape Coast. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Laboratory Sciences with background in engineering. Before joining the PGMG lab, Nancy worked under Mr. Rex Okoto and Dr Benjamin Oteng at the department of Laboratory Technology, on the project titled, “evaluation of illumination conditions in lecture theaters at the Cape Coast Technical University”.  This work addressed the issues of illumination systems and its effect on vision and other health-related conditions, as well as on the overall academic performance of students. Currently, Nancy is particularly involved in recruiting study participants for Antimalarial resistance project and HIV-Malaria project.  She also assists with molecular analysis using a range of biochemical tools. Aside from her skills in medical research, Nancy is a polyglot and can fluently communicate in four different languages including Chinese and English. Nancy is very fascinated by how an individuals’ genes influence their drug response and would want to pursue her graduate studies in this field.


Dennis Leo Sappor
Research Assistant, NSP

Dennis Leo Sappor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from University of Cape Coast. Dennis joined the PGMG lab in October, 2021 and has, since then, been involved in several projects. Presently, he works mainly on the HIV-Malaria project that looks at genetic variations in drug metabolizing enzymes involved in antiretroviral and antimalarial therapy. Specifically, he uses biochemical and molecular tools to detect variations in pharmacogenes. For his undergraduate research, Dennis worked in Dr. Elvis Awini’s lab where he used structure-based virtual screening to identify potential candidate inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 main protease. From this study, four compounds were identified to have strong binding affinity to the enzyme active site. In the future, Dennis wishes to explore the field of Bioinformatics and Drug discovery, if possible, to look at the inhibitory effect of the identified compounds in-vivo. He is also willing to learn and apply his skills in other areas of biochemical and biomedical sciences.

Lizzy final

Elizabeth Besiwa Quaw
Research Intern

Elizabeth Besiwa Quaw is a final year student of University of Cape Coast pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Elizabeth joined PGMG in June 2022 to enhance her skills in molecular biology such as nucleic acid extraction, PCR, and RFLP, as well as in malaria microscopy. Elizabeth’s few months with the lab had built on her knowledge in molecular analyses and given her a realistic understanding of research. As requirement for her undergraduate degree, Elizabeth is working on her research project on “longevity and oxidative stress resistance properties of the herbal extract-moringa oleifera on C. elegans under the supervision of Dr. Enoch Dzakah at the Department of Molecular Biology. Her interest lies in drug discovery and looking for opportunity to further her studies in this field. Elizabeth also enjoys playing basketball and watching movies in her spare time.  


Dr Raoul Karfo
Visiting Researcher

Dr. Raoul Karfo is a researcher from Burkina Faso who works at the Clinique du Laboratoire de Biologie du Centre Médical du Camp Général Aboubacar Sangoulé Lamizana, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Dr. Karfo spent few months working in the PGMG lab where he looked at variation and frequency of pharmacogenes in Burkina Faso. Dr. Karfo’s lab still works in collaboration with PGMG on this project. 


Emefa Korfa
Research Assistant, NSP

Emefa Korfa is currently working as a Research Assistant in the Department of Pharmacology under Dr. Robert P. Biney, a collaborator of PGMG. In her role, she works closely with the lab and has been involved in community health programmes organized by the lab. Emefa is a Biomedical Sciences graduate from University of Cape Coast. She is passionate about cancer research and hope to learn more in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. She loves singing and watching movies!


Francisco Torres Garcia
Intern Student

Francisco Torres Gacia is a level 500 medical student of Universidad de Malaga, Spain who joined  the PGMG in July 2022 on Exchange Programme to undertake some research work in pharmacogenomics in the university of Cape Coast

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Nina Karner
Intern Student

Nina Karner joined the Pharmacogenomics and Genomic medicine Group & Lab during her exchange program visit to the University of Cape Coast medical school in August 2022. Nina is a fourth year medical student affiliate of University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. During her time with the lab, Nina took a keen interest in investigating into the various polymorphic genes of the Cytochrome P450 drug metabolizing enzymes, one of the  key areas of this Pharmabiome project.


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